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Adding shortcuts to FileMaker on Mac OS X

I have a seen a lot of complaints on mailing lists about shortcuts – that developers are used to – that are now missing from FileMaker 11. I may not be able to help restore those shortcuts, but I would like to show you how you can add shortcuts to menu items that do not have one.

Click on the image below to see the video:

In addition, you can invoke the “Inspector” by hitting Command + “I”, and you can switch between the tabs by hitting Command + “1” for Position, Command + “2” for Appearance and Command + “3” for Data.

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  • Agnes,

    All these years working with Mac (I have been a Mac user since the first 512 came out in 1971 – is that the right year? Well, something like that anyway) and I never noticed the keyboard shortcuts panel in system preferences!

    I guess there’s always something new to learn.
    Thanks for the cool tip.

  • Agnes Riley

    Glad I could help, Tim.