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Amazon Kindle

January 25th, 2008 No comments

Amazon Kindle

We purchased a Kindle from Amazon for our CEO for Christmas. It just arrived yesterday. Amazon stated “it will arrive after Christmas”, but it did not disclose how many days after.

First impression was good. It comes in a great box, nicely designed, easy to open.

It is fully charged, which is rare in electronics.
Memory is expendable with memory card (SD).
It seems easy to handle; large buttons are conveniently located.
The Amazon store loads fast (it has EVDO wireless, basically it hops oto the Sprint network).
It transfers subscribed RSS feeds from the web very fast. You can subscribe to them either from the
The case it comes with is nice, and closed the whole thing feels like a small paperback.

I would not say its unbelievable intuitive: I manged to get lost, when I subscribed to n RSS feed from the NY Times.
It’s a bit slow to respond, especially when typing.
The experimental features don’t work that well. I tried accessing websites, that are outside of the realm of the suggested ones: not one I reached.
Searched for several books, even Winnie The Pooh, and go no results.
Wrote a long article about NY Waterway on the ferry, which I lost. Since the Kindle doesn’t have scrolling ability and web pages get cleared upon exiting (aka. going backward and forward on the Kindle), my article got lost in navigation.

All-in-all it seems like an excellent book reader, but don’t expect too much more from it.

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